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Innovation Mill: Uber’s Fall from Grace: When innovation isn’t enough to satisfy customers (original post that I pitched)
RepMan Blog: What’s so funny about comedy training…
Femme & Fortune: Five Financial Apps For Every Femme
Femme & Fortune: Cutting Corners: Shopping Edition
Femme & Fortune: 10 Charities You Should Know About
Femme & Fortune: One Credit Card To Rule Them All? Meet Coin.


Broadcast demo: Marian Daniells demo
Boston Globe Sunday Magazine (Examiner): Daylight saving time, by the numbers (PDF here)
Boston Globe Sunday Magazine (Examiner): Shot in the arm: Flu season, by the numbers (PDF here)
Boston Globe Sunday Magazine (Examiner): 20 facts about pianos and Boston (PDF here)
Broadcast package: Stephen Rakes murder PKG
Blood, Sweat, & Cheers: Blacklight Run
Boston Globe Sunday Magazine (Examiner): Move-in day, by the numbers (PDF here)
Broadcast package: One Fund Boston defrauding PKG
Broadcast package: Southie shootout PKG
Boston Globe Sunday Magazine (weddings issue): 5 ‘minimoons’ in and around Boston (magazine feature that I pitched. PDF available here)


Boston Globe Sunday Magazine (love issue): A year in the life of Dinner with Cupid
Boston Globe: Kara Weymouth pursues fashion as TheBostonista (feature story that I pitched)
Boston Globe: Sidebar: Kara’s fashion choices
Boston Globe: Alistair Archer and the boys behind the brand (feature story that I pitched)
Boston Globe: G Force: Make Meaning CEO Dan Nissanoff
Boston Globe: At Tanglwood, 700,000 feet tread their lawn each year
Boston Globe: G Force: Lynne Begier and her Hip Hop Yoga class
Boston Globe: NightWatch: Music and Movie Fridays
Boston Globe: NightWatch: PrideWatch weekend event guide
Boston Globe: Northeastern student Mike Behan uses fashion to help Kenyan mothers (feature story that I pitched)
Boston Globe: Night Watch: The Ocean Club’s opening weekend
Boston Globe: G Force: Local comedian Lamont Price firmly in the clouds
Boston Globe: NightWatch: Mondo Thursdays at The Plough and Stars
Boston Globe: G Force: Fun and games with North Star’s Jeff Hammel
Boston Globe: NightWatch: Social Studies presents Kim Ann Foxman
Boston Globe: NightWatch: HeArtbeat Collective
WOOF Magazine: Issue 2
Boston Sunday Globe: Curiosity abounds at Cambridge Science Festival
Boston Globe: Night Watch: Together
Boston Globe: G Force: Bean, the man behind the brand
Huntington News: Om Gal remains zen while hard at work
Boston Globe: Night Watch: The Boston Tea Party
Huntington News: BostonTweet builds burrito characters, a career on Twitter
Boston Globe: G Force: Katelyn Dobbs is a film student with a vision
Boston Globe Sunday Magazine (Spring style issue): By the numbers: Style on the street
Boston Sunday Globe: The 2012 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Boston Globe: Night Watch: Control
Boston Globe: Night Watch: Blowout
Boston Globe: Night Watch: Salsa Nights at Havana Club
Boston Globe: Night Watch: Mr. Goodbar
Boston Globe: Night Watch: Third Annual Videodrome Discoteque David Bowie Birthday Party


WOOF Magazine: Issue 1
PRX: “From Farm to Fork” (radio assignment)
Latitude News: British Call for Gay Rights Causes Uproar in Ghana
Huntington News: Guest Column: Yoga an expensive but killer workout
Marie Claire: Jennifer Aniston’s Red Carpet Restrospective
Marie Claire: What We’re Reading: A Rallying Cry for Books
Marie Claire: Wake Up and Help Stop Violence Against Women Worldwide
Marie Claire: Exclusive Q&A: Sarah Bower’s Sins of the House of Borgia
Huntington News: Guest Column: Oh the places we go: New York


Huntington News: Bill Hader event will pair hilarity with philanthropy
Huntington News: ‘Northeastern State of Mind’ goes viral
Huntington News: Never Shout Never revamps music image
Huntington News: Internet networking benefits relationships
Huntington News: Carly Lind is a ‘Hot Mess’ (not my byline. Contributed some additional reporting)
Huntington News: Last minute costume ideas
Huntington News: Hart wins hearts at annual comedy event
Huntington News: ‘Funny Story’ has cameramen laughing on set
Huntington News: Roger Waters rocks ‘The Wall,’ revamped
Huntington News: NU Band Spotlight: All These Elements
Huntington News: Guest Column: Unconventional Amore
Huntington News: Nor’easters have their best year to date
Huntington News: Inside Column: Sounds of Venice
Repost: Venice Central News, APRIL 25, 2010 post
Fenway News: Gender imbalance at Peterborough Senior Center
Fenway News, Greek Beat: Tips on Confrontation
Huntington News: Inside column: A greek surprise
Repost: Fenway News
Huntington News: Inside Column: Un-fanny games
Huntington News: Inside Column: Finding friends in high places

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