Ventfest: Trivial Problems

I’ve been worried about my dad, lately. When I start adding up the unfortunately events that have played out this year, it’s overwhelming. In addition to the deaths of three family members, we also have a verbally and emotionally abusive neighbor that’s been threatening my family. And sometime between the time of my grandmother’s death, and when her body was cremated, her jewelry was looted, literally yanked off of her cold, dead fingers.

It’s difficult to remain optimistic about little things in the wake of such tragedy. In the past month, I’ve grown up more than I would have liked. And I’m not the only one; I’ve watched my dad grow in numerous ways. He’s recognized the importance of family, and—as I understand it—has renewed his commitments to himself, his happiness and his family. And he’s been rattled.

And all that is just his personal life.

So when people come to me to discuss problems and drama with their relationships or how they’re so stressed and busy, I’m inclined to turn and walk away. I don’t know where I’m going with all that, but it’s overwhelming. Never before have I been so intimately touched by death. So pardon me that I can’t be bothered with the superficiality of temporary inconveniences.

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