Today’s Obsession: Celebrating Hair-itage

Other people aren’t as jazzed as I am, but I recently found out that I am 1/16th Native American. Maybe Cherokee, maybe something else (my relatives disagree), but either way, I think it’s the most incredible thing to discover about myself since learning that I… I don’t actually know where I was going with that. Whatever. I’m Indian, albeit just a tick below how much is required to qualify for federal money, but I digress. It’s freaking awesome.

For my senior speech in high school, I discussed the fact that I had little recognizable family heritage (I’m a European mutt). Instead, I drew my heritage and my family bonds through music–how music is in my blood and how it draws me closer to those that I love. But, alas, I actually do have a unique heritage. And it’s even more fabulous than I’d imagined. Booyah.

Jennifer Love Hewitt rocks the feathers, too.

The beloved Huntington News wrote an article recently on the up-and-coming hair feathers trend. I saw a couple people in New York sporting them and have seen them even more since moving back to Boston. Celebrities from Selena Gomez to Ke$ha to American Idol judge Steven Tyler (<3)  have been accessorizing with feathers.

And I want some. I want to rep my minimal heritage in my hair… itage. The hair feathers are actually rooster feathers and the application process is pretty legit. Inserting the feathers involves pliers and a $40 toolkit. But the payoff is pretty darn awesome. And you can wear them for an extended amount of time. They can be shampooed (that’s a word?) and styled like the rest of the hair. But the specifics are irrelevant. They’re feathers–for your hair. That’s soooo awesome. Obsessed.

Natural Light Feather Hair Extensions, $20; Toolkit, $24

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