In a New York Minute…

I don’t really feel like I have anything super cohesive to say right now… Things have really picked up at Marie Claire, so I’m just working to plow through my work and don’t have the down time to sit and digest and contemplate what I want to blog about. It also probably doesn’t help that I’ve been increasing my intake of caffeine, which makes me more awake, yes, but less productive. Like, I turn into a machine and crank out all my work, without leaving too much wiggle room for my “artistic freedom.”

Things really are incredible, though. I’m treated with an insane amount of respect, given that I’m only a lowly intern. Yesterday, I was in one of the editors’ office and she asked what year I was in school, hinting that if I were to graduate soon and a position were available, I would be considered. Which is freaking aweeessommmeeee if only I weren’t some prepubescent child who won’t be graduating until 2014.

Really, though, I love this industry. And, from the looks of it, I’m not too shabby at navigating it. I like working with so many women (who knew?) and having Friday afternoon bake-offs in the office. Everyone always looks good and smells good and they just so happen to be extremely talented, too. That, and the security guards (there’s really only one cute one, but whatever) are so darn attractive.

I’m making friends, I’m planting roots, and I’ve started feeling out different neighborhoods for their post-grad living potential… Are the windows big enough? Is there exposed brick? Do they allow pets (I will soooo be that idiot that buys a dog and feeds it even when I can’t afford food for myself)? Is it safe? As a totally random side note, I’m starting to think my parents think all of New York is a ghetto, when in reality, I feel safer here than I do in Boston.

This is starting to turn all lovey-dovey isn’t it (sorry). I’m busy, hence the minimal posts. But I’ll get the brain juices flowing and post something in the so-freaky-it’ll-blow-your-mind category soon. Get ready.

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