Bucket lists, meet your big brother

101 things in 1001 daysSo if you like my annual bucket lists, I thought I’d send a little love over to McKenzie at Design Darling, who in 2011 crafted a super bucket list–somewhere between my annual to-do lists and the actual life-long lists of to-dos before one “kicks the bucket.” It’s called 101 in 1001, and is a list of accomplishments for the next three-odd years.

Then, this past New Years, she did it again.

Ever a lover of lists, I find this exciting. There are a lot more things I could put on a list that spans three years, instead of just one. Long-term things. Financial things. Travel things. Big picture things.

I’ll consider it and keep you posted if I make my own , but in the meantime, check out her lists; at the very least, it’s a great source for ideas for annual or triennial lists!

Ideas for writing: Road trips

You may have noticed from my Bucket List post that I’m a little behind on my driving… stuff. Technically, I was taught to drive by a boyfriend when I was 14. But I never really got around to getting my license (for a variety of reasons, all somewhere rooted in lack of communication with my parents). Now that I’ve been driving a little bit more, I love the freedom. The car is probably one of the only places in the world (except maybe a rock concert) where I can’t hear my own thoughts. And that’s really a blessing. I’m schizophrenic sometimes (all the time), I swear. There’s always some music playing. Oftentimes, two different songs in different ears. I have full fledged conversations with myself. I’m psycho.. I know.

Moving on, driving is a wonderful feeling and lately I’ve been feeling the urge to steal my daddy’s car and take off on a road trip with a girlfriend. Turns out Sears auto center is actually hosting a program where they select 20-something teams to go on 9 predetermined routes all over the U.S. and write/record/photograph their experiences.

In some cruel twist of fate, I don’t qualify for the competition. But my mom does, and she’s auditioning with an old colleague to drive any of the nine routes. I’d be very envious if she got the opportunity but excited, too. Here’s the link to Sears’ site: http://www.exploringmyamerica.com/

Great opportunity, right?

A little (more) background on me… I initially wanted to be a travel writer ala Elizabeth Gilbert. Don’t know how practical that is now, but the love of travel still stuck with me. And while there are thousands of places across the globe that I want to see in my lifetime, I’ve only ever visited about 30 of the states. How cool would it be for some winter vacation to just pack up a sleeping bag, Christmas money and all of Taylor Swift’s music and just jet off on an adventure? My head would finally be quiet for a whole week 🙂