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Back from hiatus (aka the most grueling semester of my life) and hoping to keep this baby a little more updated than it has been, I’m going to post a plethora of poetry, lists, updates, etc. And then I plan to hop back into my typical brain barf style and can go into extreme analytical depth about insignificant nothings. Questions, comments, general thoughts, ideas, etc. are always welcome.

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Random Observation… Email Etiquette

Ever noticed that in email conversations, the responder tends to mimic the style of the initial email? They take note of whether the address was to a full name (i.e. Ms. Daniells) or first, they mimic the language and conversation style, they even often copy the salutation at the bottom of the email (i.e. Sincerely, Best, Loyally, etc.).

I guess in this hyper-connected internet age, that’s the responder’s way of picking up on ‘body language.’ Only, instead of observing one’s physical body, they study the body of an email.

Like I said, random observation…