Todays Obsession: Kate Spade (yes, again)

Remember these? (If not, you’re new. That’s okay, just play catch up.)

I stopped doing daily obsessions because I felt like I was too “commercial,” like posting about materialistic things somehow cheapened my other writing. Annnnd that might be true, but whatever. Sometimes a girl just gets a little obsessed with materialistic things. ‘Cause we are living in a material world…

Yesterday, I was sitting in a Starbucks near my Paris campus. Our school is roughly 1,000 students and doesn’t really have a student center or any place to comfortably kill time between classes and meetings, so I’m a regular at this Starbucks—got one of those little stamp cards and everything. It was November 8th (8th!) and they were playing Christmas music and had glittery greenery dispersed throughout the store, and those super white-trash tacky little window clingy things on the sliding doors. Outside on Rue St. Domonique, and throughout the 7th arrondissement, the streets were lined with lights.

On November 8th.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but having decorations up starting now means they’re there for two whole months. That’s 1/6th of the year. Hardly makes the holidays special, wouldn’t you say? I’m no Mrs. Scrooge, but the holidays are different now: basically because my family doesn’t celebrate them anymore. I venture out to California, but we don’t do presents, so it’s all a little different (though not bad; we volunteer and serve 1,500 meals to the homeless the morning of the 25th).

But if there is one thing to get me in the holiday spirit, it’s Kate Spade, with her super cheery, colorful, glitter-ridden goodies. I just got her holiday gift guide email, which I don’t condemn coming this early—two months of Christmas music will drive a girl kookoo, but so will cramming all your holiday shopping into the last week. Spade’s designs are just so goddamn happy. One of her tag lines is “Live Colorfully,” and I think it’s a great mantra and message. Her designs are timeless and I can’t help but want every last goodie. Okay, not every one, but a lot.

Like her idiom line of bracelets, that are so damn clever (hello, Heart of Gold and Hit Your Stride), or any of her adorable rings and earrings. Quality. Gorgeous.

Or her taxi mittens that I’ve obsessed over since last year (she also had these quotation (“) ones that were subtle and SOOOOO cute for a little journalist).

She even makes socks fun. As they—I—say… Obsessed.

Wardrobe Essentials: Ten “Perfect 10” Pieces for Paris

The most recent issue of Matchbook Magazine (a recent obsession) boasts a great article about riding boots. I’ve actually been on the hunt for black leather riding boots for more than a year, and just last night found a pair of Anne Klein black riding boots that I’ve been lusting after.

Having submitted my application to study in Paris, I’m already thinking about what I need to bring. Parisian style is timeless, minimalist and practical (except for heels on cobblestones), so I thought I’d write about the 10 essentials that I’ll be bringing (even though I’m only bringing one suitcase!). I also haven’t written about my “Perfect 10” in a while, so I thought I’d pay homage to that.

Thus, ladies, the Perfect 10 essentials for my Paris wardrobe:

Crasslee boots, Anne Klein

1. Leather riding boots [CHECK!]. Let’s start with a New England classic. And no, I’m not talking about a North Face jacket. Classic leather riding boots are timeless and should last for years. My mom, who’s in her late 40s just tossed a pair of leather boots she bought in college. They’ve been loved and dyed and resoled, but black leather boots will never go out of style. I’ve been looking for the perfect pair for months, and finally found one that is high quality, reasonably priced, and doesn’t have excessive frills. But if plain black seems a little too boring, I also love a dark brown, which is equally versatile. Or try another kind of boot: I know I love my cowboy boots!



Reva flats, Tory Burch

2. Not-so-boring flats. The ballet flat is not only comfortable, but it’s a chic, polished alternative to sneakers. Anything with a rubberized sole will be sturdier. Also, this might just be me, but I Febreze the crap out of my flats because my feet sweat buckets in them and I don’t wear socks or anything. Though I’m a huge fan of plain black flats (like black Tory Burch ones that are both sporty and pretty), I feel the tres Parisienne trend is colored or embellished flats. I love red or green ones because they add a punch of unexpected, fun color. Plus, red and denim go incredibly well together.


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Today’s Obsession: Kate Spade

To start, a few philosophical musings…

I have this theory that all women should wear sexy underwear, regardless of whether or not they plan on showing it to a third party. Sexy undies make a girl walk taller, strut just a little, and feel completely and utterly beautiful.

Well I also maintain that during the winter months, it’s helpful to wear bright colored nail polish on your toes. No one has to see it (though I have no problem showing some toe in January), but coming home and taking off your boots, only to be greeted by perfectly kept bright pink toes… that’s a good feeling.
Kate Spade kind of takes that concept and runs with it. Everything in her line is colorful and upbeat and vintage and chic all in one. I’m mildly obsessed with her weekly organizers, and have cases for both my new Macbook and my iPhone. Both have a discreet message hidden in/on them that greets me just like brightly painted toes. “Have Courage.”
And how can I say no to that. Though the cost of much of her stuff is—how we say?—steep. But even a lowly college fashionista can afford (or splurge) on a collection of her idiom bracelets. Her decadent bangles come in both classic silver and gold, as well as colorful designs. And all of them include idiom-ic sayings to inspire and cheer up a Yankee girl with Southern aspirations. My favorite? It’s a toss-up between “Heart of Gold” and “This is the year to…” Obsessed.
Kate Spade’s idiom bangles would pair effortlessly
with my Michael Kors watch, dontcha think?