A Little Note About Style…

Great news! I got 100 black velvet hangers in the mail yesterday. Random, right? In the process of moving, I somehow thought it was smarter to leave all my hangers in Boston. Let it serve as a warning to those of you who think it’s a brilliant idea to pack at 3 a.m.  It’s not.

Anyway, my mom graciously offered to send me some from amazon (she’s awesome). I asked for 50… a relatively reasonable number for a teenage girl with a nack for buying unnecessary things. I got 100. Now I need to go shopping.

Anyway, as I was using the first 50 hangers to put away my clothes, I fell in love with my wardrobe all over again. It’s always like Christmas when I open up moving boxes. And though I wouldn’t call myself “stylish,” I do think that I have my own personal style.

Yesterday, while I was browsing the internet for random books (the other thing I spend ridiculous amounts of money on), I came across a quote in a book preview that said:

“Before we even open our mouths to speak, our clothes will always do the talking for us.”

–       Jordan Christy

I’m a HUGE fan of sweatpants, but I can also genuinely appreciate the wow factor of a great power outfit. There’s a lot to be said for looking good. And looking good says a lot in itself, as well.

Photo source: Getty Images
Photo source: Getty Images


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