Power Pitch: A Tangible Source of Empowerment

Credit: John Deputy, pulled from Globe article

A while ago, I pitched a story on this Northeastern student’s company based out of Kenya that makes and sells various accessories in order to inject money into the local economy and dramatically improve the lives of local mothers. It finally ran this morning and I couldn’t be happier!

The article, excerpted from today’s Boston Globe:

Mike Behan spends six months out of the year in Njabini, Kenya. But it’s no safari vacation. Behan, 21, is the cofounder and CEO of Njabini Apparel, a nonprofit company selling handcrafted accessories made by landless and handicapped mothers in the Kenyan settlement.

A rising senior at Northeastern University, Behan first visited Njabini in June 2010 as a volunteer with Flying Kites, a nonprofit group that supports orphaned children in Kenya. With Flying Kites’ help, Behan then started Njabini Apparel with Tom Mwangi and marketing director Erin O’Malley (both volunteers with Flying Kites) in August of that year. By October, they were selling hats and scarves. Most of Njabini Apparel’s sales are done online, or by volunteers for Njabini Apparel and Flying Kites.

“For us, these products are a means for these women to achieve something that they’ve never achieved before,” says Behan. “Each project is a tangible source of empowerment.”

Check out the full article here.

A Little Note About Style…

Great news! I got 100 black velvet hangers in the mail yesterday. Random, right? In the process of moving, I somehow thought it was smarter to leave all my hangers in Boston. Let it serve as a warning to those of you who think it’s a brilliant idea to pack at 3 a.m.  It’s not.

Anyway, my mom graciously offered to send me some from amazon (she’s awesome). I asked for 50… a relatively reasonable number for a teenage girl with a nack for buying unnecessary things. I got 100. Now I need to go shopping.

Anyway, as I was using the first 50 hangers to put away my clothes, I fell in love with my wardrobe all over again. It’s always like Christmas when I open up moving boxes. And though I wouldn’t call myself “stylish,” I do think that I have my own personal style.

Yesterday, while I was browsing the internet for random books (the other thing I spend ridiculous amounts of money on), I came across a quote in a book preview that said:

“Before we even open our mouths to speak, our clothes will always do the talking for us.”

–       Jordan Christy

I’m a HUGE fan of sweatpants, but I can also genuinely appreciate the wow factor of a great power outfit. There’s a lot to be said for looking good. And looking good says a lot in itself, as well.

Photo source: Getty Images

Photo source: Getty Images


Random Observation… Email Etiquette

Ever noticed that in email conversations, the responder tends to mimic the style of the initial email? They take note of whether the address was to a full name (i.e. Ms. Daniells) or first, they mimic the language and conversation style, they even often copy the salutation at the bottom of the email (i.e. Sincerely, Best, Loyally, etc.).

I guess in this hyper-connected internet age, that’s the responder’s way of picking up on ‘body language.’ Only, instead of observing one’s physical body, they study the body of an email.

Like I said, random observation…