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This is both a current events post and a political post… I’m really stepping outside of my comfort zone, here.

But I was reading the Sunday Globe this morning and there was a story in the local section about a Massachusetts politician, Thomas Conroy. According to the Globe story, Conroy—who is a three-term state representative from Wayland—is walking more than 600 miles across all of Massachusetts for a chance to oppose Scott Brown in the 2012 Senate election.

He’s more than 400 miles into his trek and has braved the Mohawk trail, triple digit temperatures and blisters. Conroy drew his inspiration from Lawton Chiles, a Florida politician that walked his state 41 years ago; and I’m drawing my inspiration from Conroy.

I think his walk is ballsy and painstaking. But it shows a dedication to his state that I seldom see or hear about from politicians. And it got me thinking… what would I walk for?

Obviously that kind of consistent trek is a great workout (and it looks like he does it in slacks and a button-down), but what am I so passionate about that I would walk 600 miles?

Maybe Woof, though I’ve been feeling a little burnt out from it. Or perhaps my family? There are times I feel like I could easily walk the 3,000 miles home. Or even just for a story… “The Day I Decided to Walk Hundreds of Miles in Search of Artistic Inspiration.”

Ultimately, though, I don’t know that there’s anything I would do that for, especially with my shirt tucked in. But because of that, I admire Conroy. It has nothing to do with his political views or his family or how beautiful his wife is. I admire him for the person he is, and for the passion he has for his candidacy and his state.

I can’t see someone who loves their state that much doing something in office to ruin it. It’s inspiring. And I don’t say that very often about politicians.

Photo retrieved from Thomas Conroy’s blog

To keep up with Conroy’s status and campaign, check out his website, blog or follow him on twitter.

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